8th February 2015

Cold Water fish

Lion Head gold fish

At Tisbury’s we aim to fulfil your cold water fish needs to any specification. We have the expertise and experience to provide for both the novice and experienced fish keepers.

We keep in stock a wide range of Pond fish, such as Koi Carp, Goldfish, Shubunkins, Sarasa Comets, Sturgeon/Sturlets, Orfes, Tench, Rudd.

We also stock fancy Goldfish such as Bubble eyes, Ryukins, Lionheads, and Blackmoors. Some of which have been acclimatised to outdoor pond temperatures.

All available in stock, ready to go we a large range of pond and aquarium filters, ultra violet clarifiers, pumps, fibreglass ponds, butyl and PVC pond liners, and pond plants so you can create a pond to your specifications.

We offer a water analysis service for a small fee. We will test your aquarium water and in return give you professional advice to help smooth out any problems you may have. With many years of fish keeping experience within the team, please do not hesitate to ask any questions or for advice.